Claiming Material Damage from an Accident

What to do with your car when you have a road traffic accident

1.       Make sure that you are in a safe location before getting out of the vehicle.  If you can, do
not move the vehicles.

2.       Check if anyone involved in the accident requires medical attention.

3.       Document the material damage to the vehicles by taking photos.  Again, make sure you don’t
have to put yourself in danger to take the photos.

4.       Ensure that you provide and are provided with the details of the other vehicles involved in
the accident.  Insurance details are always important.

5.       Ensure your vehicle is safe to travel in before continuing on your journey.

6.       Get your vehicle assessed by a mechanic so that the full extent of the material damage to the
vehicle can be discovered.

Material Damage

Material damage caused to the vehicle in the course of an accident which was through no fault of your own will be recoverable in addition to a personal injury claim.  Any claim should include the diminished value of the vehicle as well as the actual damage to the vehicle.

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