Eligibility Criteria To Become an Irish Citizen

It is very important to get legal advice when considering applying for citizenship.  The criteria and application forms can vary depending on particular circumstances.  Majella Walsh Solicitors advise clients on their naturalisation applications.  Contact Majella Walsh Solicitors for immigration advice in Cork.  For a confidential chat, tel. 021 4757477 or email info@majellawalshsolicitors.ie.


The Criteria for applying as an adult is as follows;

·Be of Full Age ( i.e., aged 18 or over).
·Meet the relevant conditions of residence.
·Intend to reside in the State.
·Be of good Character.
·Will attend a citizenship ceremony and make a declaration of fidelity.  Due to the COVID19 pandemic live citizenship ceremonies have not been able to take place.

Young Adult

In addition to the criteria for an Adult set out above, to apply as a young dependent adult the following eligibility requirement will also apply;

· Aged between 18 and 23 when you apply.
· Entered the State legally as part of a family unit.
· Currently attending Secondary School in the State or went directly from Secondary School into third level education in the State.
· Are continuously dependent on your parents. You are not financially independent.


A minor child is aged under 18 and who is not married at the time of the application.  The child can not make the application themselves.  It must be made on their behalf. The different types of applications that can be submitted depending on the family or the minor child’s status.

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This guide is provided for general information purposes only and does not form part of any legal advice.