First Time Equity Scheme

The First Home Equity Scheme is open for applications as of 7th July 2022. This is a national shared equity scheme which helps first-time buyers on moderate incomes purchase properties at reduced rates. Under this, the State and participating schemes may pay up to 30% of the costs involved in purchasing a home, in return for a stake in the home. This stake may be bought back by the first-time buyer, but this is optional. There are service charges which become due after the first five years if the First Home Scheme is still on the property.

Who Eligible to Apply?

Applicants must fit the following criteria:

– Applicants must be 18 or over.

– They must have a right to reside in Ireland.

– They must not currently own or previously owned a property in Ireland or abroad or

be beneficially entitled to an estate or interest in a dwelling in Ireland or abroad.

Application Process

The amount of money a first-time buyer is eligible to obtain depends on the property’s location and size. Applications can be submitted through the First Home Scheme portal. If this is approved, you may download eligibility certificate. You can then give this to your participating lender to be considered when they process your mortgage application. Once you have mortgage approval you will receive your letter of loan offer which you can then upload onto the First Home Scheme website through the customer portal. Once this is checked and approved, documentation will be issued to you and your solicitor to be witnessed and signed. When this application is complete funds will be released to your solicitor who will then finalise the property purchase on your behalf in parallel with the mortgage process.

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